I Wore A Form Fitting Dress, And Here Is What Happened feat. GS Love

Plus Size Women's Dress

Plus Size Women's Dress

Women's Plus Size Dress

Women's Plus Size Dress


As women we are constantly plagued with a word that is forever burned into my mind: flattering. When you’re a plus size woman that word can haunt you on a more constant basis. Outfits by their silhouette, material, and color should all be picked in an effort to appear more flattering. By flattering of course they mean more thin. I teamed* up with GS LOVE to share with you the responses and reactions I got when I wore a form fitting, unflattering dress!

I wore this dress to work, to the store, and on a date with bae. Most if not all of these reactions were honestly to be expected. Tanner (bae, boyfriend, my sweetness) had nothing but great things to say about me in this outfit on our date. He mentioned he liked the “fake neck thing” and really loved how “confident” and “sexy” I looked in the dress. My roommate and best friend (read: BFFL) commented with a “YAAAAS!!” Which for any of you who aren’t in the know: this is a really, really good thing. At the store I was delighted to be met with warm smiles and head nods from my fellow plus size girls. I’m going to dive into some of the more negative responses I received while wearing this form fitting dress in a minute, but I think it is important to note that our community is growing and becoming more accepting and uplifting as a whole. Anytime I see a plus size woman I notice that we both smile at each other and nod because YES we have something in common. I appreciate this more than you know, and I try to always do the same when I see another plus babe pushing the fashion and bopo boundaries.

To every pro, there will always be a con.

My mother and grandmother who both have struggled with body issues throughout their lives pointed out the negatives in this outfit. My grandmother (very sweetly!) told me it wasn’t “her style” and she isn’t a fan of “tight clothing” but that I am “gorgeous” no matter what. While my mom pointed out as well that “she couldn’t wear it” because she’d need a “cardigan to cover her belly” she has mentioned on multiple occasions she’s going to steal my bomber jacket which is also from GS Love. (The buttons on it are from GSL as well! How friggin’ cute, right??) A fabulous co-worker said that the color of the dress didn’t really fit with my skin tone and that the dress was “unflattering.”

Alright, so what do you think? Were some of those responses brutal?


But. . .

The most important opinion of all is my own.

So. . . what do I think of the dress?

I. Love. It! Sure, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the dress a little tight in the belly region and that the pictures didn’t initially make me cringe a bit when I saw the FULL outline of my stomach. All of that faded away though when I actually WORE the dress. I feel sexy and confident and I find myself walking a little taller and smiling a little brighter. I love the front cutout and while initially I agreed with my co-worker in thinking it was an off shade for me I ended up falling in love! The only way to reach new levels in your journey to becoming more body positive is to try new things! The more I look at the pictures or caught my reflection in the mirror I grew to love and ACCEPT the full view of my 300+ lbs body. It takes time. It takes putting yourself out there. And let’s be honest, it takes a damn good dress!

*I was gifted the clothing and makeup for this blog; however, I receive nothing if you purchase from GS Love! Make sure to order a size up as their clothing does run a little small!

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