New Year, New Style?


New Style New Style New Style New Style New Style


It’s a New Year which means you have a blank book right in front of you just waiting to be written! With a blank canvas in front of us there’s no better time than NOW to add a new style to your wardrobe! It’s not too late to make some resolutions, read my blog for five that have nothing to do with weightloss

I started this year by taking a look into my closet and all that stared back at me was the color BLACK. Long ago I wore black to cover up my body and to make sure I never stood out in a crowd, but in the last few years I have learned that I truly just love that color on my pasty white skin! However, for 2017 I am wanting to slowly coax myself into wearing more colors, more patterns, and going outside of my standard style comfort zone.


I partnered with Lane Bryant for this blog post and with the help of their associate Carol I was able to create this gorgeous New Years outfit! Now, you MIGHT be thinking “wait – she’s wearing black!” but ya’ll making a change is a process. The way I work my way to achieving a goal is not to dive right in, it’s to set smaller goals that make the big picture more attainable. With the pop of red color and a light gray wash of jeggings this is the perfect transition from the gothichic I was before into a more colorful entity.


My January challenge to you is to take a peak at your closet and see where you could step outside your comfort zone in a FUN way. You may see a lack of solid colors, of different textures (pleather, denim, lace, etc), and anything else in between – let this be your year to try a new style and see where you end up in December!



OUTFIT DETAILS: Top (item#239599) ● Jeggings similar (item#237514) ● Beanie on clearance! (item#238772) ● Tank similar (item#239017)


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Girl, check this out

  • This can be an inspired outfit for many of the plus size girls who think that they cannot wear such type of dresses. I liked this post generally.